About Us

MarketStorm Global, Florida’s premier Marketing Company, is an International independent events, retail & in-store promotion company are leaders in customer acquisitions, who specialize in brand reputation management & offer a cost-effective approach using direct marketing strategies. We pride ourselves on developing unique campaigns & lasting brand loyalty for our clients quickly & efficiently by using effective direct marketing campaigns.

MarketStorm Global, Miami's premier Marketing company, has expanded from its headquarters in Leeds, England to Miami, FL via multiple cities across the world, including Krakow, Poland, NYC, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach Port St Lucie, Jacksonville (FL), Atlanta (GA), Knoxville (TN), Indianapolis (IN), Chicago (IL), Seattle (WA), with many more on the horizon.

Our approach at MarketStorm Global is to provide our fortune 50 and fortune 100 clients with a young, vibrant & 100% committed face-to-face acquisition service in our event, retail & in-store promotions that will gain vast results. Providing customers with details about our client’s products on a face-to-face level as opposed to the use of mail-drops or call centres, allows us to measure results more effectively. Customers are also able to make a more informed & educated decision. Together this results in one thing, both customer & client satisfaction.

Our ethos here at MarketStorm Global Inc is to not only develop ourselves, but to develop others by hosting a competitive, creative, & an intense program for self-development, a great work ethic & confidence. The unique program helps participants to develop a great positive attitude, which is a core foundation for success.

Company History

Founded in early 2013 in Leeds, United Kingdom. MarketStorm Global has gone from strength to strength. Expanding into London and Nottingham (UK), Krakow (Poland) and to most recently setting up its headquarters in Miami, FL via New York City (USA). MarketStorm Global is now recognized as Miami’s Premier Marketing, Sales and Advertising Company after recent expansions into West Palm Beach and Chicago Markets.

Our goal is to become the fastest growing outsource sales & marketing organization in the United States by expanding to another 45 locations predominantly in the US by the end of 2018. Our goal is to have 150 operating offices globally by the end of the 4th quarter 2021 in USA, Europe, Australia & Dubai.

Grow Your Customer Base

We will increase your customer acquisition within 2 weeks of launching a new sales and marketing campaign.

Build Brand Loyalty

Our personal interactions at events guarantee improved loyalty to your brand and creates new excitement about your products.

Marketing Exposure

Our global network throughout the UK and the USA is constantly growing. We can take your brand into any new market within a matter of weeks

Boost Revenue

The average sales campaign we launch for our clients boosts revenue by 7% and improves the longevity of your customers loyalty.

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